Social Media Best Practices
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Ask any blogger about marketing and you’re sure to hear social media pop up.

Social media is the behemoth on the Internet. It’s immensely powerful and still very young.

Everyone’s using it, but not everyone knows how to use it.

Soon one billion people will be connected to the Internet. And social media will act as the adhesive.

While previous generation had books, radios, and TV’s to entertain themselves, upcoming generations use social media to the achieve same effect.

It’s clear social media is just getting started. For bloggers, finding ways to leverage these platforms to connect with your audience should be top priority.

So you better get used to tweeting, pinning, following, friending and everything else social media related, because it looks like it’s here to stay.

12 Social Media Tips

1. No Spamming: I’m talking to you Auto-DM’ers. Stop spamming. It doesn’t work. The only thing you’re doing is annoying your audience.

2. Find Your Audience: There’s no need to set up an account with every social media platform that’s active. Go where your audience is. If you’re audience is male sports enthusiasts, get off Pinterest. Be focused and selective to make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

3. Use Hashtags: Hashtags are much more powerful than a lot of people realize. Hashtags are a way to put your content right into the middle of a very public conversation. Put your content in the right conversations and your exposure will skyrocket. Hashtags have also shown to significantly increase engagement rates.

4. Visual is King: The web and social media in particular is becoming increasingly visual. It’s almost a requirement now to have a visual content strategy. Posts with images receive much more engagement than text alone and unsurprisingly, videos receive the highest engagement.

5. Headlines Are Everything: The headlines you post are the windows into your content. Bad headlines will signal bad content behind your links.  Spend time thoughtfully crafting and testing different headlines to find what your audience is clicking on.

6. Be Present: Ask questions. Join groups and chats. Follow and engage with people in your niche. Do everything you can to be present on each medium. Posting automated links is okay, but be sure to take the time to be present on each platform as well.

7. Share the Love: Whatever your audience is looking for I’m sure you aren’t the only provider. Syndicate relevant content, even if it’s your competition. Trust me your audience will love you for it. Plus, your competition just might return the favor.

8. Keep it Short: Shorter posts receive much more engagement than lengthier posts. Keep Tweets, statuses, and descriptions on Pinterest as short as possible while still getting your point across.

9. Use Call-to-Actions: If you really want more RTs and shares, ask for them. Posts that ask to be shared, get shared more. Another example of call-to-actions working beautifully.

10. Be Different: Go ahead and look at competitors for inspiration, but if you aren’t being unique you are just one in a million… or billion.

11. Learn and Get Better: No one is perfect at social media. Even the so called “experts” aren’t experts. Social media changes every day. New trends emerge and foundations shift. The only way to stay ahead is to continue to learn, get better, and add things to your repertoire.

12. Test and Iterate: Everyone thinks social media is a “one-size fits all” type of thing. Everything from when you should post to your content is dependent on your audience. And your audience is unique to you. So take advice and best practices with a grain of salt and test things for yourself.

Now you’re well on your way to becoming a social media ninja. The journey is vast, but I’m here to help. Stay tuned for more posts on boosting engagement and becoming a social media master coming soon!

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Image: Jason A. Howie

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James Rhodes
I'm a digital marketer who is part blogger, growth hacker and web designer. I'm passionate about good design, engaging content and viral distribution channels. I love sports, nature and technology.
James Rhodes
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