The Psychology of Persuasion: How to Build Influence Online

Cialdini's 6 Principles of Persuasion

Persuasion is power. The ability to bend people to your will is the mark of a successful person. No matter who you are or what you do, you’re going to have to rely on your persuasive abilities at some point. Persuasion isn’t just for marketing. You use persuasive techniques in nearly every interaction you have. […]

12 Ways to Make Your Blog Sticky

How to Decrease Your Bounce Rate

Blogs are either one of two things. There’s the leaky bucket. People come to these blogs, get what they came for and leave. These blogs leak visitors. And as I noted in the previous post in this series, each visitor holds a ton of power. With one click, they can become a lifelong reader. With […]

8 Ways You’re Killing Your Engagement

What's Killing Your Engagement?

By James Rhodes What’s Killing Your Engagement? It’s 9 pm and you just finished a beauty of a blog post. Maybe your best yet. You queue it up and head to sleep. In the morning you wake up with a smile, excited to see how your latest post is doing. You whip open your laptop, […]

21 Must-Have Optimization Tools For Your Blog

Image: Pete

It’s a daily grind getting people to come to your blog. You’re hustling on social media. You’re guest posting on blogs in your niche. You’re contributing to all relevant online communities. But what happens when someone actually gets to your blog? Do they read your content and bounce? Or do they visit a couple posts, […]

Content Hacking: The Mindset Every Content Strategist Should Adopt

Where Content Marketing Meets Growth Hacking

A new trend is changing marketing as we know it. Growth hacking throws out the old-school marketing mindset and focuses on a measurable feedback loop based on testing assumptions and iterating based on feedback. Instead of blindly pursuing something, growth hackers remove risk by backing every move with data. It’s a mindset that values efficiency […]

15 Ways to Promote Your Next Blog Post

How to Promote Your Blog Posts

You’ve just finished perfecting your latest blog post. It has everything. An attention-grabbing title. An alluring intro. And it’s dense with valuable content. Now what? You can throw it up on your blog, send out a couple tweets, put it out to your circles on Google+ and call it a day‚Ķ Or you could hustle. […]

The Science Behind Emotionally Compelling Content

Creating emotional content

How does Upworthy do it? They create viral articles daily. They have more Facebook likes than most Fortune 500 companies. Last month they had over 120,000,000 page views. And they’re only 2 years old. I mean seriously. I have socks older than them. What’s their secret? Upworthy plays to their audience’s reptilian brain. While your […]

Why You Should Post Less and Promote More

Why You Should Post Less and Promote More

My life is an endless stream of content. In the morning I open my email to find about 10 newsletters. I pick the most interesting ones and skim through them. Then I open my newsreader Zite to find around 25 stories waiting for me. Again I skim through the content that catches my eye before […]